Expert Witness

Julian Spencer Associates Chartered Surveyors offers a full Expert Witness service to new and existing clients. We can provide current market valuations and retrospective valuations as requested. We can also advise on building disputes and will be pleased to discuss individual instructions.
An Expert Witness is someone who has a special knowledge, skill, or experience in the subject about which he/she is to testify. The primary function of an Expert Witness is to express an independent expert opinion based on the information that is provided.

The overriding duty of the expert witness is to the court to whom the expert evidence is being presented, with this duty overriding any contractual obligation we may have to instructing clients.
In some disputes a court may appoint a ‘Single Joint Expert’ instead of the parties appointing their own experts to give evidence. Our Specialisms include Commercial, residential property, development and building disputes regarding standard of works on properties located within an acceptable geographical radius of our offices